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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Year of the Dog 2018

I met Bernard on holiday; it was one of those holiday romances, just a brief encounter, but I managed to get a few photos and do some sketches. The hanging decoration  by Kim Jung Youn completes the picture, 
 Happy Doggy Year! 

Richard  Baudet
Richard  Baudet - Linotype on vegetable paper

Cascadia Artpost

Cascadia Artpost - Composite of Mail Art received and recycled
as a New Year card
Cascadia Artpost - Card with artistamp celebrating an unsung hero, Colonel Stanislav Petrov, who avoided a nuclear catastrophe of worldwide proportions.

Cascadia Artpost - Collage on the back of the card above.

Rolina Gibson

 Rolina Gibson - sheet of music with a song called Martha! Also a collage on a postcard, all in an envelope with a hand carved rubber stamp of a snail.

 Rolina Gibson - Collage on postcard

 Rolina Gibson - Collage on card

Gunter Schwind
Gunter Schwind -  Hand painted card 

Ed Giecek

Ed Giecek - Trading cards and stamped music paper.

Ti Ar Raden

Ti Ar Raden - hand drawn stylised cat 


Strippygoose - print of a hand drawn Christmas Bobble Bird with ink stamps. 

Katerina Nicoltsou

Katerina Nicoltsou - Collage on card with perforated stars
and envelope on same theme

Laura Cristin
Laura Cristin - Collaged envelope with collaged label inside

Alan Brignull

Alan Brignull - A set of artistamps from Adanaland, postcards with found graphitti, poem on postcard and envelope.
 ( No, Alan I do not think you re bonkers, I have been known 
to keep snails indoors in winter so they do not die of cold)

Diane Bertrand
Diane Bertrand - hand drawn Christmas tree on back of an old greeting card and below two hand made Artist Trading Cards

Chapin Mora

Chapin Mora - Political comment on a postcard. 

Carol Stetser
Carol Stetser - Recycled postcard from Barcelona, I guess,
with addition of Dali's bust in relief

Carol Stetser  - Part of a zig-zag book made from recycled Mail Art postcards
with recycled stickers and artistamps.

Kerosene - Collaged Artist Trading Card and hand printed greeting card

Fleur Helsingor

Fleur Helsingor - Below a collage on a postcard showing a photo of an artist book taken at an exhibition and above an Artist Trading Card
sent by Diane Bertrand


B.E.Pilcherd - A quote and poster for a music show in which he played 

Peter Müller

Peter Müller -  Collage on paper and below, the  back of the envelope
 with a caricature, maybe of himself.

Vittorio Baroni
Vittore Baroni - Collage on postcard, with Biro drawing over, on top left corner and stickers.
Vittorio Baroni - Artist Trading Cards

Vittorio Baroni - Collage on printed paper

D.S. Aponte

D.S. Aponte - Prints on paper 

D.S. Aponte - Photo printed on paper
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