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Year of the Dog 2018

Meet MailArtMutt, Trash Sniffer Dog  who helps in the making of Trashpo. 
The hanging decoration  is by Kim Jung Youn 
 Happy Doggy Year!


Kim Jung Youn 



Katerina Nicoltsou


Brook Cooks


Alan Turner

Carol Stetser

B.E. Pilcher

Diane Bertrand

Elena Amette


Toni Hanner

Kathy Barnett

Richard Baudet

Katerina Nicoltsou

Fleur Helsingor

XX Jones



Amy Irwin

Amalgamated Confusion

Ficus Strangulensis


Carina Grandlund

Brooke Cooks

Cascadia Artpost

Marian Savill

Michael Ridge

Fleur Helsingor

Nadia Aroca

Peter Muller

Raj Verdi

Katerina Nicoltsou



No skull this time from Kerosene but a rosette.  


Strippygoose is working on a whole new whole series; the Teapot Bird. The advise is a bit worrying. What if I get sued for false promises?

Carol Stetser

A page from Carol's last book, 


In stark contrast with the picture below here is a collage full of life, colour and fun.

David S. Aponte

A new version of the Cry from David, ripe colours of Autumn, plums and a touch of green. we are almost there, again.

Ruth Giles

An intriguing  textured collage with a face printed over in black with subtle sparkles, which cannot be seen here unfortunately. 

A folded card with short passages of prose. Very imaginative observations and reflections on life. 

Amy Irwen

This is a multimedia collage in which images and textures combine creating a visual and also tactile experience 

Diane Bertrand

A card of summer glow and, below, a beautiful arrangement of three Artist Trading Cards 

Katerina Nicoltsou

Sea, fruit and a red sun spell Summer fun 

Linda Roger

An elaborate composition in orange from a new friend who also likes All Things Orange.

Sue Valance

Front and back of hand printed card commemorating the horrific tragedy of the burning of a enormous block of flats in London, due to cheap cladding which easily burnt. 


A rare non political art card from Alan Turner, above, beautifully composed and much appreciated, also, below, a more in character comment on our troubled times.

Front cover of a book sent by Carol Stetser on a topical theme.

Photo-collages of Orange going around its business. Charming and amusing and very original work from Kathy Barnet. 
Two small cards in Fleur Helsingor usual romantic and uplifting style

A collage of our times by Cascadia Artpost. Oh dear true. 

Peaceful warblers from Tonipoet.

Collage on painting by Lorella Castagnini


An homage from Orlando Pacheco Nunez to his mother who has recently passed away and battled for the emancipation of women in Chile
 all her life. 

Laura Cristin

The sea, fish, a paper hat to keep the sun off made with a butter wrapper, surely it is water proof? stamps and a ticket to aid my imagination. A daydream in an envelope!


'Celia loved an audience on a shopping day' says the note on this pop-up card. A whole story hangs around that sentence. Most original idea, both in concept and in the execution.

Ruth Giles

An intricate collage worked on a photo of Georgia O'Keeffe by Alfred Stieglitz, dated 1918.  The caption is a quote from O'Keeffe: 'I'm in love with cities I've never been and people I've never met.'

Shellie Lewis

A tiny zine explaining how to make zines, free to print from, two great drawings; one a surprised rabbit and the other a cautionary tale to us technology addicts. Also an invitation to Chicago's answer to Comicon and to a cafe where you can have peace and love on your tacos, apparently. A lovely bundle to receive.

David Stanley Aponte

A striking picture of a reclining woman in muted tones but full of feeling. It is the size of an average postcard but has the sense of  a much larger picture. It could easily be a mural .


My youngest correspondent, just a few months old baby so she had a bit of help from  her Mum and her dog. Only a bit.

David Stone

There is a lot to think about in David's poem, every time I read it I find more layers.

Fleur Helsingor

Public art in a park on the shore of San Francisco Bay, found and recorded in this composition by Fleur

Peter Müller

A card and a mini book in zig zag, or as I call them an accordion book, with very intriguing mixed media collages, full of detail and interest.

Barry and Eve Pilchar

A long interesting letter from Barry and drawings from Eve


Did the elephant just finish making a cake? He seems covered in flour. The winged woman obviously do not indulge in such treats. A beautiful collage on  what feels like hand marbled card.


How amazing! The ingenuity of the Peeps knows no limits.


This super woodcut, I guess, made me smile as soon as I saw it and then the poem!
What a treat! 


The cover of a book on an interesting German artist whom I am ashamed to say is unknown to me. Well, not any more of course.


A peaceful and atmospheric watercolour of the Greek coastline on top and underneath the reverse of the card with owl label and artistamp on the same theme. 



Keith S. Chambers

An abstract design on a postcard using carved rubber stamps. Notice that the rhythm of the composition is accentuated by subtle notes, the red square and the occasional missing white lines 

David S. Aponte

A new emanation from The Sub Real Academy of  interlocking shapes in soft colours.


Following his preceding postcards, Jack of Cascadia presents part of his collection of Artistamps here, featuring mail artists in his network.


Four postcards that speak for themselves


R. Giles

Ruth apologizes for not replying earlier but the truth is that I am also behind as always. This is the second mailing from her since I last send her something. I have given up apologizing, being in retard is an incurable complaint which I think affects many mail artists. The strange figure and the vintage ATC are worth waiting for!


Vintage magazines were used by Bonniediva to create these attractive collages 

Irene Ronchetti

Trapped in a Dream. An imaginative collage by Irene.

Carol Stetser

The first page of a musical book, here Carol has arranged in a flowing pattern motives borrowed from traditional American cultures. 
A sticker by the Sticker Dude and Ian Kerr. When this arrived on Carol's envelope I was going through a rough patch and truly Art was the only thing that sustained me at the time. So I agree wholeheartedly! 

Found by Carol in her archive. History repeats itself.

Peter Müller 

A  collection of postcards by Peter celebrating Hannah Höch, (November 1, 1889 – May 31, 1978) the German Dada artist. 
H. Höch is best known for her work of the Weimar period, when she was one of the originators of photo-montage. She explicitly addressed in her pioneering artwork the issue of gender and the figure of woman in modern society. Peter's is a fitting tribute to a great artist.


A field of Spring daises to cheer up these dark days, yes; we  hardly have seen the sun so far.Very welcome indeed.


Cascadia Artpost

This is a curious thing: a bookie made with an envelope I sent to Diane Bertrand for Halloween 2017, somehow it got to Cascadia and from there back here. It is covered with artistamps and stickers and rubber stamps, mostly from Cascadia it seems.

Claudia Garcia

Three mandalas, one for me to colour up. Very thoughtful of you, Claudia, I need to relax

Four small collages, each an original. Evocative of boats and birds, with a minimal touch .

These are classical Claudia. The linked figures are a characteristic of Claudia's art. They flow so freely and are full of expression. 

Momkat - K. Nicoltsou

Katerina's timeless blue composition celebrates the life and work of Stephen Hawkings who regretably died recently 

This punchy composition came from El Agujero de Mirna, who obviously shares my enjoyment of comics.

Elena Amette

Elena works directly on the envelope. This is a refreshing Spring themed composition. 

Cascadia Artpost

A very catty postcard with a pithy remark from Jack of Cascadia fame.,, 

 ,,, and a packet of mixed seeds to grow in Retailia. 

Carina Grandlund

One of Carina's beautiful handmade prints. It expresses admirably her frustration with the extended Winter we are having.

The envelope kindly shows me as a lovely slim and tall lady with my shopping trolley delivering a letter to a very grateful gentleman, in the Bahamas,  no less. I wish!

Cascadia Artpost

A Trumpian view of the world by Cascadia on a elaborated postcard with mythological beasts on the front and Cascadian stamps.


A playful dog from Berlin

Yes, absolutely, our leader is divisive, and not only outwards but within the country. Well observed!

Janus new project

Lord Fugue
A magnific poster by Lord Fugue

Alan Turner

A political postcard by Alan in his usual style,under it a photo-collage showing a small metal object he found in his garden. Looks Celtic to me but could be modern because of the 'hat', which is very intriguing. 
On top another postcard and under it a book with prints of many of Alan's collages done through the years. A great collection. 


Elena Amette

An envelope celebrating Dog Year from Elena.
 I recognize Milou, Tintin's puppy.


Brook sent me this lovely Valentine card. I love the juxtaposition of old and new, of the dark photo and the bright background. 

Ruth Giles

Images and words combine in this clever and poetic collage with a vintage flavour by Ruth

David Stanley Aponte

A hand made drawing on ruled paper. This and the simple profile of a house give a refreshing impression of childlike art. A house, rain  and a flooded garden perhaps?

Interesting conclusion and probably true of all of us, I know it definitely applies to me, on a beautiful collage.  

Superb play of shadows across this photocollage by DSA

Carol Stetser

Carol has graphically interpreted with moving figures on the plan of a town a saying by George Santayana, 'What is life but a form of motion and a journey through a foreign world?' A great small book.

A book formed by a folded page. On the plan of a town Carol has collaged colourful maps with exciting town names like Horses Heaven, Coffeeville, Also I can see part of Rattlesnake Range. Too exciting, that one. On each map there is a collaged composition; a rattlesnake, a leg sticking out of a bookcase. A truly Dada book. 

A graphic book in collaboration with Serse Luigetti

Diane Bertrand

Both sides of a Ryosuke Cohen collected seals and stamps collage and ...

... a hand made Artist Trading Card from Art Terre Archives, a Sticker Dude card and a Fluxus buck all sent by Diane 

Katerina Nicoltsou- Momkat

Celebrating Banana Day, a collage by Katerina on the Year of the Dog

Cascadia Artpost

A collage of Artistamps, from those in the collection of Jack, the Chief Architect of Cascadia

Peter Müller

A postcard from Peter with a note on the reverse urging me to feed the dog. MailArtMutt I suppose and three pages of a bookie of very interesting and detailed collages. 

Ficus Strangulensis

Three postcards from Fikus, cleverly processed photos with a high dose of artistic talent in the mix

Maria Consuelo Guacuto Blanco

Maria Consuelo,  who is an accomplished water colourist, pasted this soft but high impact image of a magnolia bud in my page in IUOMA. 


A subtle collage by Bonniediva, a reminder of summers past, with a scrap of print cleverly trimmed; the words on it read like a poem.

Cascadia Artpost

Jack, the Ruler of Cascadia, has also recycled Mail Art. This is a postcard titled 'Portrait of Unknown Artist by Unknown Artist'. Originally created by Ed Higgins with modifications by Jack. 

Elena Amette

Elena's lovely card, which has elements in relief, came nude and in very good health, luckily. Nothing was lost which seems a miracle to me. 

 Carol Stetser
A Valentine heart from Carol and four artist Trading Cards in a folder.  The one celebrating International Letter Writing Week was created by her and the others are recirculated but I shall add them to my collection.

Sabella Baña

A superb dog collage by Sabella Baña which I took from the IUOMA Dog Group 2.0, with her approval, of course

Shellie  Lewis

 Shellie sent a beautifully executed collage on a page from 'George Hunt takes the Hill,' a book which I have not been able to find and I am curious,

The drawing of a face, so nice, perhaps a self-portrait,  

and a message and several Heaven notes to wish me a happy Year of the Dog, Gong Hay Fat Choy, all in a gorgeous envelope as you can see, from Shellie.


From Janus latest documentation, a fantastic job of compilation and graphic design with 190 contributors from 32 countries.

Orlando Pacheco Acuna 

Orlando sent two postcards; one a monoprint I guess and the other a composition made with artistamps

Lucky Pierre

Lucky Pierre - An interesting and I suspect vintage multiple postcard of Easton  Lucky's new home. Above a dark sun Artistamp.

Richard Baudet
Richard  Baudet - Linotype on vegetable paper

Cascadia Artpost

Postcard displaying artistamps sent to Cascadia Artpost 

Cascadia Artpost - Composite of Mail Art received and recycled
as a New Year card
Cascadia Artpost - Card with artistamp celebrating an unsung hero, Colonel Stanislav Petrov, who avoided a nuclear catastrophe of worldwide proportions.

Cascadia Artpost - Collage on the back of the card above.

Rolina Gibson

 Rolina Gibson - sheet of music with a song called Martha! Also a collage on a postcard, all in an envelope with a hand carved rubber stamp of a snail.

 Rolina Gibson - Collage on postcard

 Rolina Gibson - Collage on card

Gunter Schwind

Gunter Schwind -  Hand painted card 

Ed Giesek

Ed Giecek - Trading cards and stamped music paper.

Ti Ar Raden

Ti Ar Raden - hand drawn stylised cat 


Strippygoose - print of a hand drawn Christmas Bobble Bird with ink stamps. 

Katerina Nicoltsou

Both sides of a collage celebrating the Year of the Dog by Katerina Nicoltsou

Katerina Nicoltsou - Collage on card with perforated stars
and envelope on same theme

Laura Cristin
Laura Cristin - Collaged envelope with collaged label inside

Alan Brignull

Alan Brignull - A set of artistamps from Adanaland, postcards with found graphitti, poem on postcard and envelope.
 ( No, Alan I do not think you re bonkers, I have been known 
to keep snails indoors in winter so they do not die of cold)

Diane Bertrand
Diane Bertrand - hand drawn Christmas tree on back of an old greeting card and below two hand made Artist Trading Cards

Chepin Mora

Chapin Mora - Political comment on a postcard. 

Carol Stetser

The cover of another book by Carol which arrived later in the month
Carol Stetser - Recycled postcard from Barcelona, I guess,
with addition of Dali's bust in relief

Carol Stetser  - Part of a zig-zag book made from recycled Mail Art postcards
with recycled stickers and artistamps.



Kerosene - Collaged Artist Trading Card and hand printed greeting card

Fleur Helsingor

Fleur Helsingor - Below a collage on a postcard showing a photo of an artist book taken at an exhibition and above an Artist Trading Card
sent by Diane Bertrand

B. E. Pilcherd

B.E.Pilcherd - A quote and poster for a music show in which he played 

Peter Muller

Peter Müller -  Collage on paper and below, the  back of the envelope
 with a caricature, maybe of himself.

Vittore Baroni

Vittore Baroni - Collage on postcard, with Biro drawing over, on top left corner and stickers.
Vittorio Baroni - Artist Trading Cards

Vittorio Baroni - Collage on printed paper

D. S. Aponte

D.S. Aponte - Prints on paper 

D.S. Aponte - Photo printed on paper
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